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Marcelo beautiful goals to help Real Madrid win fifa 16 coinsthe Santiago Bernabeu Trophy, but Podolski, the outstanding performance of Sneijder Real Madrid defender has exposed vulnerabilities, "Marca" commented, "Before the opening of the league last test, Real Madrid performance is not good. "Benitez also admitted that" Although we performed well, but there are many places need to improve, we are missing some control fifa coins sale. "

Former Bernabeu Cup, Real Madrid announced the signing into the Inter Milan midfielder Heikki Zupančič, but "Marca" said Benitez hopes to sign into a defensive midfielder, Lazio midfielder Bigeliya is preferred. The club level is considered Bigeliya does not meet the requirements of Real Madrid, but Real Madrid should first check in a bench, this is because the field season in Croatia often injured, he affected the team's performance. The differences between the description and the fifa coins cheap club level saw a field presence Benitez Real Madrid after question, but before Naples (official microblogging) coach did not ultimately make people decisions. Sign, rather than Benitez needed Bigeliya, Real Madrid's move reflects the club coach of the signings were not affected.

Why Benitez hopes to sign into a beast back, the Bernabeu Cup is fifa coins review the best example. In addition to the injured players, Benitez elite frontcourt almost make out, C Ronaldo, Isco separated wings, Bell served as the attacking midfielder, double waist is Modric, Cross this main iron. To take full advantage of the speed of the offensive players, Real Madrid did not emphasize the ball, the ball was only 51 percent in the first half, but in the speed competition with Galatasaray, Real Madrid did not stay ahead.

Whether C Luo left side or right side of Isco, are accustomed to cut inside or shot or pass, but left plugged in after the winger Marcelo, Danilo, which means that the Real Madrid attack When can often have the advantage of numbers, but it also means wing opponents will leave neutral, Galatasaray just take advantage of this. As the left-wing Podolski repeatedly break Real Madrid defense, the first 20 minutes, the first 40 minutes to give the kicker twice in the case of the restricted area arc chance unmarked fifa coins sites.

Sneijder's goal is to fully explain the weak defense of Real Madrid, Galatasaray quick counterattack, a full six players reached the Madrid penalty area, the other hand Galacticos but only four people back on defense, Sneijder to In the case of unmarked calm kicker. After the team lost the ball, Benitez quickly come up with a small notebook to write about painting, apparently, has always emphasized defense against Benitez, such a defense is unacceptable cheap fifa 16 coins.

Sneijder, Podolski four shots, all in the case of the restricted area arc around unmarked completed, this should be in charge of the zone Cross, Modric was not back on defense in place. The reason is that the Real Madrid midfielder is often responsible for the only two defensive midfielder, who had distracted the two gates to fill the seats, resulting in front of the penalty area, but often a vacuum. After Real Madrid took the pointer, Benitez stressed, "I hope that Real Madrid can score more goals than your opponent and try not to let the opponent goal." So far eight games of the season warm-up match, Real Madrid lost the ball only three games, single games the ball never more than one ball number, which shows Benitez effective transformation of defense against Real Madrid, but it reflects the Bernabeu Real Madrid's cup defense is still a problem, which is the urgent need to solve the problem of Benitez buy fifa 16 coins.

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