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domestic classic RPG masterpiece 'Xuanyuanjian Gaiden: cloud away,' Following the last free expansion 'Wuzhangyuan: Muyun articles', a month after the official decision to launch another free expansion 'Wuzhangyuan: asakumo articles', this second piece of information content will be Shu point of view, steerable Han feathers elite players, Runescape and 'Yan Feng', the experience of another Wuzhangyuan story. ◆ 'Wuzhangyuan: asakumo articles' on behalf of well-known characters on stage before the launch of the 'Wuzhangyuan: asakumo article' story, and 'Han cloud' of the story accordingly, in addition to being in the story, adding a The new paragraph, complete the story feathers forces. Under the two-story deduction, the relationship between the white share of His Holiness and Yan Feng closely linked, will become clearer. In addition to the new story, also added three new scenes and enemies, will give players a new experience. Runescape 3 and 'Wuzhangyuan: asakumo articles', mainly former generation 'Han cloud,' the main character, the interpretation of the old school runescape Wuzhangyuan paragraph story line again, the players are familiar with the previous generation of role 'Yan Feng', Runescape and 'horizontal Ai,' 'Acts dimension '......, will be used again on stage, in the' cloud away, rs gold Runescape and 'the next old school runescape systems, re-experience' Wuzhangyuan article 'plot of this classic story. Beginning of the story came Shuaizhang feathers, Yan Feng and Tamon to grow so that expression of willingness to accept the task to the Wuzhangyuan Observatory. At the same time inform the other partners, strong partner Wu unacceptable, angrily quit ...... action, on forthcoming attack this moment, there has been a mysterious figure in white ...... the Observatory. Troops took flight feathers in the end what is the task? The purpose of the mysterious white figure, and why? We will be in: after another announced 'Wuzhangyuan asakumo chapter,'. In addition, Runescape and 'Xuanyuanjian Gaiden: cloud away,' the theme song Winners K song contest has been released, the last of the lucky ones will get a professional studio to record exclusive 'tears running' to commemorate the single opportunity. If the players want to sing a song, and now 'Xuanyuanjian Gaiden: cloud away,' the theme song 'Tears rush' and song 'I'm not afraid of pain', it has also been available on-demand Haoledi singing till now. Shikoku team effort to build the next generation of masterpiece 'fairy statue' first exposure

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