Mike Mussina has been satirized as the fire front Pa Blues coach: Premier League La Liga Serie A Johnson

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Although Mourinho in Porto, Chelsea, Inter Milan, Real Madrid have had success, but after he left the ultimate team, these ultimate teams will be enrolled without exception, have experienced large or small, turbulence, Inter and even depressed. It seems the former Real Madrid general manager Jorge Valdano, Mourinho and these occur in this case the ultimate team who seemed accidental, but in reality inevitable, because Mourinho does not have Ferguson, Wenger coaching a kind of long-term the ultimate team's ability, in fact, more like a madman fire coach. fifa 16 coins Valdano said: 'Mourinho looks like people are always in power, and make the ultimate team reaping the benefits in the short term, he is a very typical example.' Valdano was squeezed Mourinho the Bernabeu, the words from his mouth to say is not surprising, but the indisputable fact is that Mourinho did not really coached a ultimate team a long-term, but it can always be done, coaching a new ultimate team After the rapid success. In addition Valdano also admitted that even if Mourinho at Real Madrid when, Cristiano Ronaldo is the real leader. 'Cristiano Ronaldo enormous influence in the field, he ought to be the real leader Real Madrid, even when he was silent.' Mourinho return to Chelsea will not be as overwhelmed the first time he coached the same ultimate team sadly advance class? Not to say, but the current situation, the deployment of the lineup he probably has some problems, long-term impact of Mata Chelsea frozen natural needless to say, and in the summer the integration front, he put Dunbar - Pakistan, leaving Torres and let go Loukakou also debatable move, because now hit this season, Chelsea have no one striker to score, the other hand is leased to Everton Loukakou, he already gains 4 ball. To emphasize see Mourinho missed it, Lukaku has made it clear, said: 'My departure is determined by the coach, as a player, I have to obey the coach's decision, I chose to leave, I will permit Mingmu Mourinho was wrong and now the only thing I can do is outstanding, goal, such as hemp, then I would think the fans will say I am a good player, I hope striker who scored more than Chelsea many goals, to the end of the season and then to let us see, in the end who was even better. 'Loukakou departure indirect sake of Eto'o to join, but the former Barcelona, ​​Inter Milan striker failed in the Premiership exploits find scoring touch, he lamented recently, the Premier League than La Liga, Serie A lot of hard kick. Eto'o said: 'I have noticed that British soccer great emphasis on physical confrontation, than any other league to intense physical confrontation many times and now I come here not too long, so I have to continue to work hard and make sure you can improve standards. , where every FIFA 16 game is very important, I know that. I came here to enjoy playing for Chelsea, enjoy FIFA football here. No matter where I live, I will continue to play well, to give his ultimate teammates and coaches helped me a lot, I feel like you're into the ultimate team. 'Eto'o ball bad luck anyhow has not hurt, and the same fate within the new aid Debra sent a lot of him this week Two national ultimate team ankle injury during training, but he expressed optimism for their speedy recovery. 'Now I can only say that I will be completely injury against Croatia before, and I will fully recover.' Belgium will fight among international played within Debra, Ivanovic versa, he hoped that the international competition Chelsea can launch a strong impact to the list after the end of the day. Ivanovic said: 'When we returned from the national ultimate team, our race will be very intensive, and I think we have to strive to return to the list, in the face of all of these FIFA 16 games have to fight every effort, I think We are on the right path. 'Ivanovic said intensive schedule refers to international competition 21 days Chelsea have played seven FIFA 16 games in the future, there are many VS VS Schalke 04 and Manchester City this strong period dialogue.

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