Manchester City 44 years championship within reach Manco let Ferguson completely 'shut up'

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Phoenix sports news tonight's Al Ittihad Stadium, Blue Moon really do surmount, after a 2-0 win over rivals Manchester United, who 44 years from the first league title two races left. Before four FIFA 16 games, as many as eight points behind Manchester United Manchester City, which makes the home ultimate team fans are desperate. Today, fewer big thorn Balotelli, Manchester City's status and momentum than the Red Devils to be powerful. Although the Red Devils scored the only goal of not Jiujiang Tevez, Aguero nor state brave, but by the captain Compagni send the winning goal, no one is more appropriate than him. Manchester City fans before the FIFA 16 game and the momentum of the ultimate team are called strong, nearly three Kuangzhui 5 minutes, the Blue Moon saw hope again champion. Mancini on the starting lineup is not the slightest conservative, compared to Ferguson's lone striker formation, the Italian people have more than the desire to win Ferguson. The campaign is also quite a force Manchester City fans, the audience Shan Hu tsunami-like cries Red Devils Red Devils almost drowned season double kill enemy plus re-registration list, Blue Moon of loyal fans is most happy crowd tonight. Tonight, Manchester City captain Compagni accept all Manchester City fans pay homage. Manchester United play tends to be steady success, Belgian Emmanuel a visiting ultimate team to hell now. The first half stoppage time 1 minute, Silva corner pass the ball to the front, Compagni leaping beat Marin directly shakes Leipzig, Manchester City captain pressurizing like momentum let Deh Asian fighting less. After scoring Manchester City Kompany ran passionate fans in the stands to celebrate indeed arrogant, he opened his arms to enjoy cult fans Shan Hu tsunami scenes will make Manchester City fans lasting. Joined Manchester City from 2008 to the present, Kompany has grown to become Manchester City defender, but the face of the Red Devils scored campaign called the most important of his career goals. After the ultimate team lost to Arsenal, Kompany has said the success of the ultimate team will visit again, but only four matches on the recovery of 8 points, which I am afraid that he had no idea. Before the FIFA 16 game, the Belgians also said he would Dingsi Red Devils ace fifaga Wayne Rooney, but he not only did well, the entire second half, Manchester United have not shot. And on the offensive end, he humiliated the Red Devils defense some good. Manchester City's victory for a man is also particularly important that the Blue Moon coach Roberto Mancini, the end result is a FIFA 16 game, whether or ultimate team formations, are indeed a victory Marshal Sir Alex Ferguson. Before the FIFA 16 game, Mancini and Ferguson also talk very happy, but with the gradual heating up of the FIFA 16 game, the coach stifling atmosphere so that both sides have begun to get angry. The first 77 minutes, Mancini and Ferguson violent clashes broke out on the sidelines, Ferguson accused the latter against Mancini cents foul players in the field, but the Italians refused to yield, Manchester City Marshal to Dogo look heavy The Ferguson made a gesture to shut up. The moment the final whistle, shake hands, although both of them good, but Ferguson has really shut his mouth, everyone knows that, but the two sides to deepen mutual hostility again after the FIFA 16 game. Manchester City's victory in this FIFA 16 game can be described as deserved, the whole FIFA 16 game Manchester City's 15-foot shot more than the Red Devils nearly 10 feet, and the home ultimate team tenacious, tough defense did not make Manchester United the audience misses the foot within the door frame. Let rivals Manchester City humiliated in the Battle of King Mountain, this is a rival since May 16, 2009 with Arsenal, first appeared in the FIFA 16 game shot is the number is zero. Since the 1969-70 season, Manchester City in the league once again achieve a double play against Manchester United, Mancini's ultimate team to regain the initiative in the title race. The last time England's top league the last two ultimate teams with the same score occurs is that the 1988-89 season, this situation is likely to happen this year, but this time it was the visiting ultimate team depends on face of Manchester City. Only the last two rounds of the league, Manchester United's opponents Swansea and Sunderland respectively, as the Red Devils play a normal, full six points to take the possibility is great. Although the last two opponents than Manchester United's strong, but can be at home to beat the absolute strength of the powerful Manchester United, Blue Moon had morale, even if Queens Park Rangers still struggle to avoid relegation, Newcastle to impact next season's Champions League qualification , but compared to Manchester City want to re-claim the league title 44 years after the dream, the former requires even some insignificant. Tonight Manchester City to win the world show their triumphalism, in the sworn enemy of scars Zaisa salt, while the ultimate team from the 44 years of the first league title remaining within easy reach.

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