How To Upgrade BNS Weapons and Combat System

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Today, we would like to share the Blade and Soul gold Beginner's Leveling guide which aim to help you know more about Blade and Soul weapon upgrades, soul shield upgrade and combat system.

1.Beginner's Weapon Upgrade:
To open inventory, SHIFT+Left click the icon , you can evolve weapons here. Just socket the gems and items materials and click evolve that your weapon would be upgraded. At the beginning, don't sale or throw away weapons, to keep it make your items upgrade.

2.To Learn Combat Skills
The action combat is considered one of the game's greatest strengths, and is a major reason why it has become so popular in Asia. When you are talking with NPC, there is a sentence to tell us how to use combo skill to fight with NPC, such as for a Force Master, there is a 3+TAB+1 combo. In fact, when we are releasing 3, there is a 2 seconds CD time, then we can use LMB to recover a FOCUS. Is it so cool?

3. Soul Shield Upgrade
Soul Shields also known as Bo-paes are unique to Blade & Soul. They basically act as an extra ‘piece’ of equipment which increase your offensive & defensive capabilities. Soul shields are made of 8 pieces with each piece offering a stat bonus. This could be any stat some of which include, defense, max hp, crit, evasion and parry. You can gain ‘set bonuses’ by acquiring the same pieces of each soul shield. There is a 3 piece, a 5 piece and 8 piece set bonus for each balde & soul gold shield (Note: some soul shields only have 2 set bonuses). You are also able to mix & match so you could, if you want – have 5 pieces of one soul shield & 3 pieces of another equipped at the same time.

Acqiured Spot: Go find a merchant in Jadestone village and give him Viridian valor stones. He will give you the shield in return. You can get the stones by completing daily quest. You need 8 Viridian valor stones to have an entire set of shield, each stone for one piece of the shield.

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