Simple selection criteria: do not consider is fitted

in General Topics Mon Feb 15, 2016 1:26 am
by Sheldon Thomas • 7 Posts

Simple selection criteria: do not consider is fitted, when a battle timeline proper combustion and bombs infection when fire method of choice. When the frequent need for timely treatment of low blood dispersing Add (for example H candle dragon), or the need to avoid Aoe's Boss (such as brain damage wasteland epic roar P3) rs gold without fire method. 1.2. Fire-based output constitutes confined space, specific technique is not here repeat. 1.2.1 Basics output cycle comes to fire laws, we must first understand a few common sense: Trades: lit: your Fireball, Frostfire, purgatory shock, burning, Pyroblast, Firestorm, and meteors which produces sputtering targets will burn within five seconds by the equivalent of an additional direct injury (Excellent value%), Combo: heat burst + purgatory impact. Heat burst: create a spell crit, when you next unsustainable monomers fire spell crit, will make your next Pyroblast becomes instantaneous, does not consume mana and damage increased by 25% ( To distinguish, below the instant inflammation of the explosion technique, referred to as Pyroblast) Purgatory impact:! instantaneous, will certainly result in unsustainable crit monomers fire spell, DPET above the fireball. 1 + 1 approach: a system of early warning in Central spells, heat burst with a small parenthesis reflect, Pyroblast! Braces reflect, when both won two Buff, we call 1 + 1 states. When 1 + 1, we read a fireball while releasing Pyroblast! Since the system determine the cause of the delay mechanism, the two spells as long as there is a crit, you can activate Pyroblast again! If two spells crit, then triggered again 1 + 1 states. This guarantee Pyroblast by delaying mechanism!

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