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area, released the latest Aion 5.0 Panda Man of Mystery News, Aion, a copy of the Raiders, the Aion video, Albion Online career Raiders, provide Albion Online client download, Albion Online patch download, Aion plug-in download. From Jiang Lei: Gnome Warlock Sina blog another post new works: For a time, Aion has finally become the focus of the topic. I can finally stop repeat repeat repeat Paladin cultivation of the road. Once painted a heroic theme, I feel very interesting. Over the years, we found that in fact the real life than helpless Azeroth more hardships and tangled. Aion is still at least one outcome is always rewarding to follow the truth. Since the reality of the helpless, and no more time is available Aion splurge, only a few large-scale copy of the experience, or in real life, a good friend of her brother's identity to blackmail the head of the president bodyguard group consisting of sightseeing, my holy the identity of the soldiers riding magic, my pastor capacity to observe a moment of Dark Master bedroom Vashj, Dandan rooms. At the head of the abusive forced under, or that we totally holding on poverty reduction and public mind, I finally have a few pieces of the legendary purple and equipment. Feeling as if by wearing a special step professional sports equipment go a small way in the countryside. Middle-aged women are next in succession to the dealer Miaofei of threw me Albion Online Gold appreciate the attention, between the words to express the most sincere Gee can not help thinking: general feeling of flying. Brother a person can brush DK, and brother do not rerun the corpse, and brother can brushing within 30 minutes, from the experience of her baby brother could make money. Back to reality, everything vanished. You can use the virtual reality of the renminbi enchant gold overnight to have the bird, to harness Dragoon between January between the moment can ROLL to Phoenix. But what with TM renminbi exchange for the reality of it. Experience long fast, the price is also faster than the long experience. To sum up, two things are stable for many years is not long, the game of RP, the reality of the coin. We never had to consider in the virtual world to buy a house, the hotel is my home, thanks to his double. Unfortunately, reality does not work, you try to go to any hotel, open room do not give money. Smiling staff, I down, then suspended animation, will be drawn to the big mouth. It might settle sent overnight. Also mounts, one-time payment, no petrol, no purchase tax. Do not be afraid knocked down people, do not worry about professional Pengci. And no traffic congestion. By, accidentally turned into a city Jour, bad, affected the Dandan. Looking forward to August 31, and not disaster, energy and small Arab anger anger together let's satisfied. And the king of mutual encouragement, live dangerous! !Greet Aion Mists of Pandaria will open a new server

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