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Zhang normal attack consists of Force Master skills, with ice and fire elements in blade and soul.

Phase 1: HP 100% – 70%

Attack mode 1: Attack Wives
Zhang starts with a force shield which reduces 90% of the damage you deal to him. You can’t deal much damage to him at this time. Just send a tanker to hold the aggro, while the other party members go to attack his two wives, until their HP is < 70%.

Attack mode 2: Transfer BNS Gold of Shield
When the 2 wives HP are below 70%, Zhang will transfer his defence buff to the wives. This will cause anyone within 5m from the wives to be pushed back.

Without his defensive shield, the party can deal damage to Zhang as per normal. Therefore, just leave someone, preferably the summoners’ cat and another ranged class to tank the 2 wives while the other party members attack Zhang.

*** Do NOT kill the wives or else Zhang will go berserk and cause party wipe.

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