At the moment when the boss is Blade and soul gold

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Tips for Beginners
When the boss releases Five Point Strike towards Blade and Soul gold the main tank, the attacks should be blocked and avoided. At the moment when the boss is about to release Five Point Strike, Force Master and Kung Fu Master can use freezing skill to freeze the boss still, so that the boss will release the Blade and Soul gold strike staying there. The Assassin can use Decoy to avoid. Blade Master and Kung Fu Master can block the strike.

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Blade and Soul Silverfrost Mountains Coming

Pursue Jinsoyun across a Blade and Soul gold massive new region to avenge your master as the new Act IV storyline unfolds. Explore the regions of Silverfrost Mountains, and fight through two new 24-player zones, and the unique Blade and Soul gold Grand Harvest Square server event.

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RE: At the moment when the boss is Blade and soul gold

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