Blade and soul gold moves to the corridor behind the cave

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When it comes to the second boss, the main tank can hold aggro before moves to the corridor Blade and Soul gold legit behind the cave. It will be helpful if the Assassin can invisibly hold aggro and take the boss away. In doing so, the mobs' attacks can be avoided.

Final Boss Angler Yeti
The boss will grab you at first and second Fire AoE. Do not dodge it Blade and Soul gold legit and you will get a buff. Tell your party members to come close the buff then you will not be frozen. After every grab boss will jump 3 times (3 sec each), after that it will smash the ground (if you did not get the heat buff it will one Blade and Soul gold legit shot you), and there will has a place with fire, stand on it if you do not want to get freeze.

Then cancel the second jump after the Third Fire AoE. Control the hp at 31% at first Ice AoE, and 18% at second AoE. Step on ice or kill the mushroom and get the bomb to destroy them. Dodge Blade and Soul gold legit the two types of jump. One comes 3 sec and another comes 1 sec, then you will be good. (You need a good tank.)

After the death of Angler Yeti, a hidden boss is likely to appear. The boss has high DPS, but it does not take many skills to kill this boss. If the level of the equipment is enough and Blade and Soul gold legit you can use the escape skills well, the boss is easy to be killed.

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