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Speaking of summer flood control, our first thought is that the highway washout problems. Rainfall on the highway roadbed and slope are huge, so how to prevent flood damage has become a summer conservation priority.Seven Trust Composite Floor Manufacturer - WPC green floor

In routine highway maintenance work, we first work to be done is to find the problem. Before the arrival of the rainy season there is no flood, we should actively identify problems and solve problems, without leaving any hidden dangers, so as to calm in the face of the flood season comes true. In the routine inspections, the focus should be observed Pavement Distress, structure, slope and various drainage system, to detect the presence of hidden dangers, to ease the main, the timely removal of the blockage, unblock the drainage system along the reinforcement and improvement drain sink, water retaining band, and to ensure its smooth, so smooth drainage during the rainy season.Best Road Maintenance Machinery - Doan Machinery

The presence of asphalt pavement construction in a lot of problems, common following. Construction season is unreasonable, rain weather encountered during construction, road and wet material combination is not good. Winter construction of low ambient temperatures, the surface temperature of asphalt mixture decreases rapidly. Asphalt opposing surface temperature in addition to reducing the slow part in the compaction process, the middle or the bottom of the asphalt mix will produce different degrees of displacement, while the surface temperature is low because it will crack.
Routine maintenance of asphalt pavement. Strengthen pavement inspections, timely detection of the disease, to analyze the cause of disease generated and targeted to disease maintenance. Pavement cleaning:
In the inspection process, found debris, should be cleaned at any time to ensure clean pavement on the road.
Daily cleaning of roads, should be based on the actual situation, the use of mechanical or manual cleaning methods. General and highways - highway grade mechanical cleaning mainly secondary roads combined with mechanical and manual cleaning and tertiary roads less common manual cleaning.
Road surface cleaning for more than two should not be less than once a day, other grades of roads should be considered pollution levels and traffic factors such as the size of the road may be, but not less than once in one week, clean up the debris within the central median monthly at least once over a long tunnels and large bridges swept frequency should be increased.
Cleaning should be road dust and prevent pollution of the environment, endangering traffic safety, chemical and other oil or dirt roads should be cleared up. Rain surface water should be immediately removed, to eliminate traffic safety problems. Drainage flood response conduct a comprehensive inspection and promptly dredge. Winter snow snowy weather should be de-icing, to take the necessary measures to skid. Strengthen preventive and regular routine maintenance to ensure good roads and facilities along.
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