Road construction machinery

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Commonly used road construction machinery
Tracked Crusher
Crawler crusher, also known as the crawler mobile crushing station, which is a high-efficiency crushing equipment, using its own drive, with excellent maneuverability and mobile stations operating on the adaptability, in a short time into working condition. Through a wireless remote controller, very easy to open the crusher to the trailer, and transported to the working place.
Category: can be divided into four series - Cone Crusher crawler crusher, jaw crusher Tracked crusher, impact crusher Tracked crusher station, screening crawler crusher.
Crawler crusher features:
Crawler crusher products are light weight, small size, particularly suitable for working in narrow places;
Convenient transportation, crawler, no damage to the road, with a multi-functional attachments, adapt to a wide range;
Set by the material, crushing, conveying equipment and other technology as one with the rock crushing, crushing performance aggregate production, open pit mining;
Machine with all-wheel drive can be realized in situ steering, especially suitable for narrow space, complex region;
Fuel savings, fuel savings of up to 25%;Seven Trust Composite Floor Manufacturer - WPC green floor

Supplied power pack.
Tracked Crusher uses:
Mobile screening crushing equipment versatility job characteristics;
It is widely used in mining, coal, cement industry, mining crushing hard materials in the scene;
Construction waste recycling, earthwork, urban infrastructure, roads or construction sites and work sites;
Processing topsoil and a variety of other materials; separating viscous coagulation aggregate; construction and demolition industry; screening after crushing; quarrying industries.Best Road Maintenance Machinery - Doan Machinery

Cement Concrete Pavement Reconstruction peeling crusher, before crushing asphalt concrete renewable materials.
Defined excavator: digging bucket is above or below the plane bearing surface materials, transport vehicles and loading or unloading to stockyards
Earthmoving machinery. The main material is soil, coal, sand and loose after pre soil and rock. The correct selection will become more important.
Excavator Brief History
First hand excavator has been published 130 years of history, it experienced a period driven by steam bucket rotary excavator to electric drives and internal combustion engine driven rotary excavator, hydraulic integration technology application progressive development of automatic hydraulic excavator process.
1940s with a tractor equipped with a hydraulic backhoe excavator suspended early 1950s
And metaphase have developed a trailer full swing hydraulic excavators and crawler hydraulic excavator. Since the 1960s, hydraulic excavators and enter the promotion phase of vigorous development, 1968--1970 years, hydraulic excavator excavator production accounts for 83% of total production, is now close to 100%.
Excavator constitution
Common structures include excavators, power plant, equipment, slewing mechanism, controls, transmission, running gear and auxiliary facilities.
From the exterior, the excavator working device, the upper turret, walking bodies of three parts.
Excavators three most important parameters: vehicle weight, engine power and capacity and bucket.
In 1951, the first full hydraulic backhoe excavator made in France Poclain factory launched, resulting in the development of skilled excavators creating a new space.
Anti Aging Backpack Blower
Activated Carbon Thermal Regeneration
Automatic Pneumatic Hammer

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