Structure of crushed stone

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At present, there are two kinds of common gravel spreader: one is with a distributor plate, spreader of the distributor (Figure 1), the silo in the hopper drum rotating force driven into the sub-material In the plate 2, the stone is subjected to the resistance of the slanting partition plate of the distributing plate 2 so as to be moved to the both sides at the same time of falling and reach the purpose of increasing the width of the spreading, and striking the spreading plate 3 to make the stone uniform (As shown in Figure 2), the belt conveyor 1 to the gravel transported to the lower hopper 3, the spiral feeder 2 will be pushed to the next hopper crushed stone (Figure 2), the hopper, 3 of the outer end, to increase the width of the purpose of spreading, the lower part of the hopper 3 under the action of the rotating force of the drum 5, without the sub-material sub-material directly impact to the spread plate 3, the stone vertical evenly, Thereby completing the spreading process. Small Road Roller - Shanghai Doan Machinery Technology Co.,Ltd
In this case,As shown in Figure 3 (a)), the dispenser (Figure 1 (a)) has the advantages of simple structure, easy operation, high reliability and wide applicability. Stone construction of the initial stage, because the middle of the stone in the sub-plate slide on the short trip, while the resistance by the partition plate is large, likely to cause the middle of the stone start falling fast, both sides of stone slow down, Crescent-shaped. The modified sub-plate (shown in Figure 3 (b) below) will be the bottom plate made of circular plate, so that the middle of the vertical partition of the slope becomes smaller, stone resistance increases, the stone in the material Plate sliding time longer; on both sides of the partition of the slope becomes larger, stone resistance decreases, so that the stone material in the sub-board on the slide time to reduce the final stone from the side and the end of the edge into a homogeneous edge.
In this case, (Figure 1). After the distribution board through the improved, the total time after the fall through the adjustment of the arc is basically the same, gravel in the distribution board speed decomposition (Figure 4 , It can be seen that there is a component V2, V2 in the transverse velocity V of the falling velocity V of the gravel, which increases with the increase of the inclination angle a of the baffle, and decreases to a certain extent after striking the spreading plate, , The middle part of the process of gravel falling stone V2 minimum, V2 on both sides of the largest, due to the inconsistency V2 likely to cause uneven gravel spreading. In this case,
Belt Conveyor Hopper Dispenser (see Fig. 2) can be completed without hoisting hopper due to the belt feeding method. The height of the equipment is not increased during the construction, especially for culverts and overpasses. And the transverse velocity of the stone is not higher than the vertical velocity of the stone during the process of stone falling. Therefore, the spreading accuracy of this kind of spreader is higher than that of the spreader shown in Fig. In order to meet the spread of the width of the requirements, such a distributor must be used in pairs, and the spreader structure is more complex, high manufacturing costs.
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