Strengthen the maintenance of equipment ideas

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Fifth, the strict implementation of pay, succession system, to consolidate the equipment maintenance standards.
In order to consolidate and maintain the equipment maintenance standards, we strictly implement the equipment management system, the system, so that "five cross, three do not pay." 5 pay is: pay production and work at the same time, pay the equipment operation and use; pay unsafe factors, preventive measures and accident handling; pay three filter conditions, cross drip run to take the situation. "Three does not pay" is: in case of equipment failure to deal with non-delivery; equipment is not clear do not pay; equipment health standards do not pay. Raw materials workshop crusher, belt post, made of the workshop packaging, dryer post, firing workshop clinker hoist post, due to poor working conditions, dust, equipment maintenance and health work load, equipment Maintenance would have more than an hour, the staff from the no complaints, take the initiative to consciously complete the tasks on duty, so pay civilized classes, standard classes.Small Road Roller - Shanghai Doan Machinery Technology Co.,Ltd

Five elements of business management is the key to human factors. Only play a person's initiative can ensure that equipment maintenance to achieve results. Therefore, in the maintenance of equipment, we always update the staff's ideas and improve the technical quality as an important task. The staff carried out in order to "reduce equipment failure, that is, efficiency" as the theme of the big discussion. So that employees from the "I have to manage the equipment, good equipment maintenance" to "I want to manage, maintain good equipment," the ideological change. In the realization of the concept of change, the focus of the staff to overcome the existence of the "equipment is not bad as long as the turn," the fight equipment thinking and contentment in the "steps not to go every year," the low standard, insisting perennial areas of their own equipment, Defects and other issues to carry out "check, put, find" and "whole, governance, or" activities. Grasping equipment management not only to enhance the concept of employees, but also to develop and improve the staff of the operation of the technical and maintenance techniques, only the unity of the two in order to give full play to staff in equipment management, maintenance work subjective role. We use the workshop as the unit of the equipment operation and maintenance personnel to conduct regular training. While continuing to carry out post training activities in the maintenance and production posts on the establishment of the training card. Take the post operation and equipment maintenance personnel should be aware of the training, and on-site analog equipment accident handling and other forms of equipment operation and maintenance of people to strengthen equipment maintenance ideas
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