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"Encounter water to be sent " it is solid Wooden floor The biggest weak point, because this solid wood floor maintains,want in case tide is given priority to. Before the fundamental job with solid wood moistureproof floor wants to be installed in shop of solid wood floor, had done, the plywood with high moisture content and wood are not used when solid wood floor is installed square, it is good to should have spread moistureproof film, besmear at the same time moistureproof oil. The room entrance that waits to often contact water in kitchen, toilet had better transfer with floor tile or stone material, reduce the chance that stands by be affected with damp be affected with damp of floor of wood of door a cause for gossip.

Should notice to avoid intense content, good thing to be opposite at ordinary times the cut of solid wood floor, what do not hurt paint film with easy caustic is hard implement or cutting tool goes the besmirch that floor of spatula solid wood keeps clear of not easily. The article with coarse, ponderosity and tall hardness, cannot go up in solid wood floor dilatory. Underside has the article of edges and corners, good protection should be filled up to fill up a layer when placing.

Because fear water, solid wood floor had better not use wet mop to procrastinate in the process of daily cleanness, if wooden floor scatters not careful seed,sail upstream, should use delicate cloth wipe up in time solid wood floor, maintain solid wood floor dry. If be the general dirt that water-solubility material keeps, but first floating dust of floor of wipe solid wood, dip in with delicate dishcloth next on the water that clean out rice or orange skin water wipe solid wood floor to be able to dirty except decontamination. If be liquid medicine or dye are aspersed on solid wood floor, must be in smear did not try to keep clear of before surface layer of woodiness of floor of infiltration solid wood, in the meantime, do not use all sorts of cleaner as far as possible, the dissolvent that uses because of all sorts of cleaner place is different, the paint that uses undeserved meeting to create solvent and solid wood floor board produces reaction, make solid wood floor is damaged. Should not use more acerbity, alkaline wait for floor of clean fact wood with bleacher.

Every other 3 two months, can hit floor wax to solid wood floor, face of waxed solid wood floor, not only clean bright lustre, look brand-new, and still can rise to protect the paint film, action that delays ageing of solid wood floor. Oneself start work before waxing, must remove dust to solid wood floor first go dirtying, make floor board of beautiful solid wood very easily otherwise. Every other 3, should paint solid wood floor 5 years afresh.
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