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Chelsea are in crisis! At least that's what the world is saying. Whether it's back page headlines or below the line comments nike air vapormax 2018 mens , the world has firmly agreed that the current champions of England are in dire straits. They are already five points behind the leaders and we're only 180 minutes into the 2015-16 Premier League -season. Chelsea might as well give up now and hand the -trophy to Manchester City.

The thing is, as anyone who has ever seen a whole season of soccer before will tell you, this stage of the season doesn't tend to matter. True enough cheap nike air vapormax 2018 , it is -better to win than it is to lose any fixture but dropping points in August doesn't equate to being off the pace in May. They don't hand out trophies in August, as the old saying goes, and no one really believes Leicester City are going to secure a spot in the Champions League.

Soccer is increasingly a game of opinions. Opinions sell newspapers nike air vapormax 2018 sale , they drive -traffic to websites and they fuel blogs, twitter feeds and online comments. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and everyone feels obliged to share it with the world. Jose Mourinho certainly never shies from offering his. While his argument that the -result was "fake" smacked of sour grapes, as the Chelsea manager so often does when he loses nike air vapormax 2018 , he had a point.

A point is what Chelsea would have likely taken from the Etihad if Ramires' goal had been allowed to stand rather than being flagged for offside. City were the better team over the 90 minutes but that goal would have made the score 1-1 and things may have turned out differently with Chelsea not having to chase the game. The myopic match report on the official Chelsea website would have you believe that the -incident "changed the complexion of this early-season Premier League fixture."

People tend to read things that reinforce rather than challenge their existing opinions, especially on topics that are as emotive as sports. That's why the Chelsea website writes -incredibly one-sided match -reports, why fanzines -continue to exist and why the media like to call crisis on whoever is -currently top of the tree. It's why you'll be reading a lot more about Mourinho's so-called "third season syndrome" until his Chelsea team have the title done and dusted by a -record margin next March.

There's a long way to go before then and until the ribbons are tied on the trophy we should take it all with a pinch of salt. But that's just an opinion.

JAKARTA, March 21 (Xinhua) -- Indonesia's Lampung province will host an international surfing championship organized by world's prominent surfing leagues from April 15 to 20 with hundreds of professional surfers were expected to take part in the event, an official said here on Tuesday.

The 2017 Krui Pro International Surfing Competition would be jointly organized by the World Surf League (WSL), Asian Surfing Championship (ASC) and Indonesia Wave Surfing Association (PSOI), to be held in the province's prominent beaches, which are popular among professional surfers worldwide.

"ASC team has surveyed the location and recognized that Tanjung Setia Beach and Mandiri Beach in the province's regency of Pesisir Barat are suitable for the upcoming international level championship," Tourism Deputy Minister for National Marketing, Esthy Reko Astuti, said.

The team also learned that the two beaches were fit to host surfing competition contended in Asian Games sports event scheduled to be held in Indonesia next year, according to Esthy.

The upcoming pro surfing event would be the first to be held in the province. During the 5-day event, various categories of competition would be contended by men and women surfers, including the WSL's QS 1000 class.

Farmers harvest crops in the field. (Photo: Hu Guoqingphotoint.net) Strong winds kick up dust as people walk down a road. (Photo: Hu Guoqingphotoint.net) A happy old man sits in his watermelon field. (Photo: Hu Guoqingphotoint.net) A couple is anxious to return home. (Photo: Hu Guoqingphotoint.net) A masjid www.2018vapormaxshoes.com , or mosque, stands in the distance beyond the field. (Photo: Hu Guoqingphotoint.net) Farmers harvest crops in the field. (Photo: Hu Guoqingphotoint.net) Two people carry water in pails hanging off a pole. (Photo: Hu Guoqingphotoint.net) Women of the Hui ethnic group walk on a path in the field. (Photo: Hu Guoqingphotoint.net) A girl from the Hui ethnic group offers a beautiful smile. (Photo: Hu Guoqingphotoint.net) A donkey peeps from behind a crumbling wall. (Photo: Hu Guoqingphotoint.net) Rugged mountain trails are a feature of the landscape. (Photo: Hu Guoqingphotoint.net) Sheep are herded over the hills. (Photo: Hu Guoqingphotoint.net) Farmers plough a field. (Photo: Hu Guoqingphotoint.net)

Xihaigu prefecture, located in Northwest China's Ningxia autonomous region cheap nike vapormax shoes , is one of China's most impoverished regions and one of the world's least habitable areas for human beings, according to the United Nations. People say the taste of Xihaigu is bitterness, but China Photographers Association member Hu Guoqing says he's more than willing to explore the little precious sweetness there. He saw the quality of piety nike vapormax shoes sale , devotion, kindness and toughness in the eyes of local residents who have lived in this impoverished and barely inhabitable area for generations. Hu focused his lens on Xihaigu and discovered its unusual beauty.

WELLINGTON, July 23 (Xinhua) -- Business leaders from both sides of the Tasman on Wednesday urged the finance ministers of New Zealand and Australia to look at ways of boosting Asian to

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